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Elements and rituals to create your own DIY Spa At Home experience.

Creating your own bathroom haven can be a welcome distraction from the day to day. If you aspire for your bathroom haven to be your sanctuary for a self care ritual, this guide will help you achieve that. Creating a bathroom haven requires a few simple elements typical of any spa experience, and I’ll be sharing that formula with you here.

Spa isn’t just about treatments and hot tubs, it’s about a journey that takes you and your senses away from everyday stresses and grounds you in your own state of wellbeing. It focuses your attention on you, your physical and mental state. 

Spa is also a way of subconsciously meditating, grounding your emotions and reflecting on the things that quite often go unnoticed in our day to day lives. The beauty of having a space and time dedicated to self care is that none of those things take very much work, it naturally happens once you set up your space, prepare the waters, and step in. The hardest part is making sure you prioritise this time for self nuture.

The Senses: 

  • Smell– Perhaps the most obvious. Aromas trigger emotions, and essential oils can have therapeutic benefits too. Choose aromas that trigger relaxation, lower anxiety levels, promote positive thinking and self confidence.
  • Touch– Feeling the warmth of the water is nurturing in itself, but adding in body brushing and exfoliation stimulates the skin and circulation, brightens and smooths the appearance of the skin and helps to remove toxins. 
  • Sight– If you enjoy looking at your space, you immediately relax. The flickering lights from a scented candle, green plants and natural elements lower anxiety. Positive mantras can be powerful as you subconsciously repeat them in your head while relaxing in the bath. Bath bombs can be a fun distraction, colouring the water or releasing petals with a little innocent nostalgia.
  • Sound– Running water is a great start, then the crackle of a candle, or some spa music on your device (switch off notifications) help your mind drift to calmer places and in turn lower heart rate. 
  • Taste– not an obvious one but not one to be left out. A refreshing drink while enjoying the heat can work wonders. An iced tea, or fruit infused water. If you’d prefer a glass of bubbly or cocktail, make sure you have some cool drinking water ready too so you don’t get dehydrated. Gradually earning to switch off without alcohol is a useful habit in the long run.

The aim of a bathroom haven is to trigger these 5 senses leading to deep relaxation. Here are some ideas to help you create your space: 

Set The Scene

De-clutter around the bath (or at least what’s in view). Rather than expect to keep the bathroom perfectly tidy all the time, temporarily move old shampoo bottles, brushes and children’s toys to a bowl or bucket to the side when it’s time to create your haven.

Place Candles at the foot end of the bath, or in view on the sink shelf or windowsill.

If you can, place a poster or framed print of a simple positive mantra to focus on that can help you manifest positivity. Some of my favourites that I have printed or handwritten are: 

‘I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.’

‘Let every situation be what it is, not what you think it should be.’

‘Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.’

The important thing is to choose a mantra that resonates with how you are feeling on the day. It can help you move through emotional or mental barriers.

Music can help block out any noises from outside your bathroom haven that might disrupt your spa experience. You can download one of our own spa tracks or find a genre that suits you. From deep tropical house to classical… whatever floats your boat!

Add Therapeutic Benefits:

So once you’ve set the scene, it’s time to prepare your skin and add ingredients to the bath that can help detox, nourish, soften and soothe. I love a body brush. Best used dry before entering the bath, a brush helps stimulate your skin and circulation ready to absorb the minerals and essential oils in the water. Using a body massager is also proven to help reduce cellulite.

Add bath salts such as Himalayan or Dead Sea salts to add minerals to the water, or Epsom salts to add muscle easing and detoxing minerals. There are some beautifully scented essential oil bath salts all pre-blended and ready to add to your running bath water.

Essential oils are fantastic to add additional benefits as well as aromas. Add them to help with muscular, joint, skin, respiratory and mental issues. To choose the best oils safely see our guide to safe essential oils and how to use them safely in water. Bath oils can help nourish your skin leaving a wonderful coating locking in moisture, but I would recommend applying a body oil after the bath, rather than having it leave an oil residue in your bath. 

Flowers and petals can add lovely aromas and a visual treat, but are optional. 

Another option instead of bath salts is to add a fun fizzy bath bomb or chill pill. These safely add essential oils and skin softening minerals, and some can have salts included in the recipes and even oils such as shea butter. The big plus is the visual colors in the water and options to add more chill pills to vary aromatic and therapeutic strengths from our pre-blended essential oils ranges.

Use a face mask to detox your skin and with a choice of clays you can choose to rejuvenate, clear blemishes, detox or soothe. Mix with a floral water for added benefits. You will need a small bowl, scoop a heaped teaspoon of clay into the bowl and add a few drops of floral water at a time. Mix until smooth but not too runny, you want the clay to stay on the skin. Apply after you have cleansed your skin during the bath, leave on for up to 10 minutes, then gently remove with a soft natural sponge or cotton muslin face cloth. Lock in moisture with an appropriate serum and or moisturiser after your bath.

Keep hydrated! Even though you are bathing in water, we won’t absorb enough to replace what we sweat through our skin in a hot bath. Dehydration can occur even if you’re bathing in water causing headaches and low moods, so make a refreshing drink by infusing a fruit tea and adding ice, or add fruit to iced water, and enjoy the cooling effects and tasty flavours while you relax.

Pukka Iced Tea

  • Cover 3 Pukka herbal tea bags with 750ml of boiling water (I recommend Mint Refresh, Three Mint, Three Ginger, Lemongrass and Ginger or Feel New)
  • Leave to infuse for 30 minutes in a covered container. 
  • Strain, and add honey to flavour, along with lemon or lime slices if desired. 
  • Chill in the fridge, and serve chilled, either with or without ice. 

Image source and recipe:  

When it’s time to leave the waters of your bathroom haven experience, it can be a lovely way to end by saying ‘Thank You’. It’s a way of showing appreciation for the time and therapeutic benefits you’ve received and the water can then take away any negative energy as it drains. But the spa experience doesn’t finish here. Lock in moisture in your skin and add even more nourishment with a massage body oil. Apply to your skin starting from your ankles up towards your heart, same from the wrists and in a clockwise motion over your abdomen. See this as a self massage, encouraging circulation and lymph drainage. Maybe a loved one could help with a seated back massage for those hard to reach areas. As you move from your bathroom haven, read how to take these elements to another area of your home here. 

Wear loose clothing and allow yourself to cool down but stay snug. Now is the perfect time to do some foot and nail care if you wish, see your other posts on DIY manicures and pedicures here, or a facial massage with a cooling gem stone face roller. Take your candle with you, listen to more music and continue to relax, reflect and unwind in a cooler environment.

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