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Essential Oils Safety

The Aromatherapy Trade Council has some guidelines on essential oils safety at home with a list of essential oils unsafe during pregnancy, use for children, internal use, sensitivities, photosensitivity, and essential oils that should be avoided altogether. Please click and read the link above so you understand the limitations of using essential oils.

Diluting Essential Oils

It is important to dilute essential oils before contact with your skin. Here we recommend the number of drops for each use at home. For home use we wouldn’t recommend using a ratio higher than 1% on healthy adults. Avoid using on children under 3 years old.

UseNumber of E.O. Drops
Bath3-9 drops in a tablespoon of milk
to help mix the oils into the water
add to running water and stir.
Atomiserfollow manufacturers instructions
as different models have different size
water wells
Massage Oil2 drops (1%) per 10ml of carrier oil
Foot Bath3-5 drops with Epsom salts and water

Never use essential oils undiluted, especially on babies, during pregnancy, or those with chronic illnesses.

Never take it internally. keep away from pets.

Seek Professional Advice

We would strongly recommend seeking the advice of your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions as essential oils can have an effect on blood pressure, circulation, liver function, hormones, immunity and more. You can also ask a qualified Aromatherapist who has had the training to assess the safety and suitability of certain essential oils following a thorough consultation.

We would also recommend buying a book on essential oils for home use, cataloging the safe use and limitations of each essential oil in detail.

Professional Aromatherapists are able to use higher dilution ratios where appropriate and even on those with chronic illnesses, but for home use we would recommend only using essential oils on healthy adults, at low percentage or as prescribed/recommended by a professional.

Essential Oils Are AMAZING but also dangerous!

Our whole concept at Menevia Bathhouse and Spa is based around aromatherapy because of its incredible benefits and ancient history. They are powerful remedies when used correctly and safely but don’t take them for granted- they could cause more damage than good when used incorrectly.

Choosing Pure Essential Oils

Be careful when buying essential oils, make sure they are pure or you know exactly what they are diluted with. Organic is best but expensive. Pure essential oils are great, just make sure they are from a reputable supplier with a strict policy on quality control and can offer safety data sheets.

Safe Storage

All essential oils and carrier oils should be stored in a cool (not cold) dry place out of direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures and the sun can damage and deteriorate the oil molecules, causing them to become rancid and ineffective.

They should also be stored with secure lids, out of reach of children and pets.

Keep away from unpolished surfaces, and dispose of any spillages or out of date oils according to your local authority guidelines. Essential oils an be toxic to plants and animals so correct disposal is important.