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Relaxation Lounge

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Relaxation Lounge

Elements and rituals to create your own Spa At Home experience.

Find a space in your home away from household chores, external influences and where you can feel comfortable and create your own relaxation lounge with this spa at home formula.

Relaxation is not just about sitting down with nothing to do, it’s about releasing tension, letting go of the day’s anxieties to ‘get things done’ and reflecting on your emotions and physical wellbeing. We call it a ritual because it isn’t simply about being in a relaxing space, it’s also about knowing you will get this time to yourself, looking forward to switching off and setting the intention to be in a state of wellbeing by the end. This guide includes elements that will trigger positive emotional, physical and physiological reactions which are simple to implement within your own relaxation lounge at home.

Once you have chosen your space, whether it’s your bedroom, the lounge or a comfortable seat in your conservatory, the formula to create your own relaxation lounge is the same:

The Senses

  • Sight – Lighting, plant features and mantras. 
  • Touch – Wear comfortable loungewear, robe and slippers or house socks, blanket, pillows, anything tactile that makes you feel snug.
  • Smell – Aromatherapy candles or diffuser, and an aromatic body oil.
  • Sound – Music transports us, we offer spa music here but if you find you relax to classical or even something like tropical deep house (from those dreamy beach days) then play whatever you like, but make sure you turn off notification on your devices.. This is a Do Not Disturb time.
  • Taste – This is a time to enjoy a refreshing herbal tea, comforting luxurious hot chocolate or a mocktail. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are an option but being able to switch off without alcohol is a valuable habit to build long term, and caffeine can be counterproductive to relaxation and your attempts to lower anxiety levels, so best avoid these during your Spa At Home experience. Some light, comforting snacks are a nice idea too.

So with all these elements we’re engulfing the senses, drawing them all into the now and grounding ourselves. Part of this is the fun of setting up your space and looking forward to some self care:

Setting Up Your Space

Set your intention. The belief is that if you set the intention to ‘create my own sanctuary to rest, heal and enjoy’ or ‘I want to set a positive healing energy in my space to protect and nurture myself’ that that is what you will get. Try it. Then make sure all the following steps are done with your intentions in mind. 

Declutter your visual space. Don’t turn this into a deep cleaning exercise, or you’ll just keep putting this experience off with the anxiety of that very first step. Just move things out of sight for now, and clear the coffee table or the side table so you have a space to place your drink and snacks that you’ve prepared.

Make sure your seating is comfortable with cushions, blankets and a foot stool depending where you are.

Play your music of choice, this can be the main reason to enjoy your time, revisiting your favorite bands, or exploring new artists, or you can simply have one of our spa tracks on in the background to block out any external disturbances.

Lower the lighting as much as possible, light candles and even turn on the mood lighting on your diffuser if you have one. These can also give aroma benefits using essential oils (avoid fragrance oils) adding to the experience. A salt lamp also gives off a lovely warm glow and has the added benefits of cleansing, deodorising, and purifying air. 

Plants. I love plants, botanicals are popular not only because they look wonderful but the therapeutic benefits of being surrounded by nature and their ability to purify the air  is proven, so add a couple of house plants to your space in your view.

The space is set, you’ve put it all together and now it’s time to enjoy it. Here are some ways you can make the most of your relaxation lounge.

Self Care Rituals

Self-massage with body oils. A lovely way to start your relaxation ritual is to prepare your skin. Try body brushing from your ankles to your heart in short brush strokes alternating with a brush in one hand and the soothing stroke of your other hand. Brush up your arms and over your shoulders. Do this three times. You could use of a massager on those areas you’d like to reduce any cellulite using rigorous clockwise movements and sweeping upwards. This all stimulates circulation, heightens awareness of the skin’s sensation and encourages lymph drainage.

Once the skin is stimulated, you can nourish, hydrate and soothe with an aromatic blend massage oil. Pre blends are great, affordable and safely blended to suit different needs like promoting a better night’s sleep, easing muscle or joint pain, helping with PMS, clearing skin of blemishes or firming and toning, so you can select the one that suits your needs. Apply this in the same directions as the body brushing in slow pressures. Take time to enjoy the feeling, and try and go over every inch of your legs, arms, abdomen and shoulders with many slow and overlapping strokes until the oil soaks in. Bliss. Now you’re set to sit back and sink into your cosy relaxation lounge corner.

When enjoying your comforting drink and tasty snacks, be mindful to savour the taste, there is no rush. In between tasting, you could add in a mindful activity like a colouring book – you can get adult ones! Or read through a wellness magazine like Breathe – this has some beautiful illustrations and is filled with wellness inspiration. Try to avoid gossip magazines or the news for now, keep to images, inspiration and positive reading. 

If you’re into positive affirmations use this time to draw out your wishes on paper; things you’re proud of, things you’re looking forward to. It’s easy to pick holes in our lives and focus on negativity so this exercise is really important to help us acknowledge our own strengths and achievements, plus it helps to manifest and attract more of the positive into our lives. It’s a free exercise but the rewards are limitless.

These elements can be implemented easily and you can choose to use the space for a number of mindful and self care activities perfect before bed for a calm and restful sleep. This can also be a lovely way to enjoy an evening with a friend, remembering to stay positive and reflecting on life’s many experiences together. Or why not add a DIY manicure or pedicure, facial or other self care treatments from our DIY Spa At Home blog to round off your spa experience?

It all seems simple, but once you cover all senses and add the simple elements together, you’ll love how it transforms your emotional and physical state of wellbeing in your own, cosy corner at home.