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Spray Tan

Pre & Aftercare Advice

We love the colour, fragrance and fast results of the Award Winning Sienna X spray tan. Follow these steps to ensure you have long lasting flawless results.

Prep Advice

  • Exfoliate and moisturise. The week leading up to your spray tan appointment, try and exfoliate and moisturise each day, this will prepare your skin for a flawless even colour. Focus on the dry areas, so they dont absorbe too much colour.
  • Shower 12-24 hours before the appointment. Clean your skin and moisturise all over at least 12 hours before your appointment, NOT ON THE DAY. otherwise the moisturiser might act as a barrier and your tan wont take.
  • Bring loose dark clothing. While the tan develops, avoid tight clothing which might cause lines.

On the day of your spray tan you will be asked to fill out a consultation form. This will help us determine if the tan is suitable for you, and which application and results to expect.

Aftercare Advice

Our express 1-4 hour spray tan will leave you with the perfect summer glow, and you can make the results last as long as possible if you did your prep and follow these aftercare tips.

  • Moisturise. Daily. If you keep your skin nourished you will delay the shedding of skin which is why the tan wears off.
  • Tan extender. A tinted moisturiser also deepens the tan over time and develops on the new skin as you naturally shed, but don’t forget the moisturise your hands before and wash them thoroughly after application or you’ll get brown/orange hands!
  • Tan removal. Once you’re ready to remove your tan, you can exfoliate with a mitt or an oil-based scrub.

We hope this spray tan pre and aftercare advice help you achieve the flawless long lasting results that make you feel a million dollars! If you’d like to know more about what to expect and the process of a spray tan, read more here…