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Wax Hair Removal

wax hair removal

Wax Hair Removal

Pre and Aftercare Advice

To make the most of your wax hair removal appointment, and for the best results, follow these simple steps.

Prep Advice

Our wax hair removal treatments are done using Outback Organics, carefully selected for their uniquely healing, soothing and nourishing properties. They also have great pre and aftercare products that make your waxing experience less painful.

What you need to do before your appointment:

  • Grow your hair. We can work with relatively short hairs but for you to get the best results we’d recommend you let them grow at least 5mm or more.
  • Exfoliate. Some hairs can become trapped under the epidermis- the outer layer of the skin. This means the wax won’t be able to hold onto the hairs and won’t come out. Gently exfoliating before your appointment will ensure all your hairs are free and ready for removal.
  • Shower. Making sure your skin is clean will make it easier for the wax to hold onto your hair. We’ll be using a gel cleanser and botanical oil to protect your skin, but being clean will make for a more pleasant experience for both you and your therapist.
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning booths. If your skin is burnt from UV exposure you will want to avoid using wax on your skin, trust us…. it’s not worth the pain or risk of lifting the outer layers of skin!
  • Consultation form. Before your treatment, we will ask you to fill out a consultation for. here you should declare any allergies, medication or if you’re pregnant. these all have an impact on your treatment and results.

Aftercare Advice

Before you leave us, we make sure your skin is soothed with our aftercare body lotion or ‘bush balm’ for sensitive areas. We will send you home with a small sachet of bush balm if needed too, so you can apply it the next day.

What you should do after your wax hair removal treatment.

  • Wait 24-48 hours. Don’t risk infecting the hair follicles by exposing them to heat, soap, sweat, chemicals, make-up or tight clothing, especially in delicate areas. So don’t go swimming, do rigorous exercise, or plan to have a hot bath or apply body lotion etc as you may find it causes a reaction, making your skin red and blotchy.
  • After 24-48 hours. Moisturise and exfoliate regularly. this is the best way to keep your skin radiant and healthy, plus it prevents dry skin causing ingrowing hairs once they start to grow back.
  • Don’t shave! Book our next appointment 4-6 weeks and wait. The first two appointments are key to syncing your hair growth with your appointments. After the first appointment, you may be advised to return after 4 weeks so that we can catch the new hair growth, then after the second appointment, you should find it takes longer for more hairs to return. Over time, the benefit is that fewer hairs return over a longer period of time… better than instant stubble from shaving!

We hope this guide helps you to make then most of your wax hair removal appointments, and your great smooth hairless results last for as long as possible with no adverse side effects. If you’d like to read out treatment review for more insight into the wax hair removal process and the clients first-hand experience… read more here.