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Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils are derived from plants for the purpose of enhancing wellbeing. Use to make your own aromatherapy bath and body products, in a room diffuser for inhalation and room fragrance, as remedies and therapy oils in treatments.

The therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils have been well known for centuries, and range from healing, pain relief, antibacterial, detoxifying, hormonal balance, easing respiratory issues, and more.

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Our Pure Essential Oils and Carrier Oils have been selected from Ancient Wisdom, their ethical, rigorous quality control and over 22 years of experience sourcing reliable supply chains from primary sources, makes them our supplier of choice.

But these oils need to be used with respect and care,  we would highly recommend reading up on essential oils safety and never use them internally or undiluted. Seek medical advice if you suffer from chronic health issues or during pregnancy.