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Menevia Feet Pamper and Reflex


Menevia Feet Pamper and Reflex

By Twenty Something By The Sea

I’ve always loved pedicures, and feel that they’re sometimes overlooked next to their more obvious, glamorous sister, the manicure. Our feet bare the brunt of our day to day activities, and let’s face it, don’t really get any thanks for it bar the odd foot massage your partner reluctantly gives you through your socks while keeping one eye on the surfing (just me? Okay then.)

The idea of having an hour solely (no pun intended) dedicated to giving your feet some love feels luxurious, and when you factor in half an hour of reflexology, it turns out your whole body feels the benefit.

That’s the aim of Menevia Spa’s new Pamper and Reflex treatment. A Pamper Pedicure with a 30-minute Reflexology taster session built in, finished off with a polish of your choice. I tried it out this week, and I’ve been walking on air ever since!

The treatment is the ultimate relaxation. Sitting in a squashy chair in a cosy nook of the spa, your feet are bathed in warm water, moisturised and massaged. Nails are then shaped (cue a panic when asked what shape my toenails usually are!) and one foot wrapped to keep it warm while the reflexology starts. 30 minutes is the perfect length of time for a kind of ‘MOT’, with Sue working her way around the foot, feeling for areas of tension or clunkiness and feeding back about what it might mean. I had lower back pain (tall people problems, comes with the territory!) on the day, and that area of my foot was particularly tender. Sue and I could then work on this in future sessions. It’s a taster of reflexology, and adds to the relaxation of the treatment.

I have had reflexology in the past, always as one-off sessions when something is bugging me. For instance I’ve found it helps with period pain, or if my lower back is particularly painful. I haven’t had it for a while, but the 30 minutes with Sue has reminded me how powerful it can be, and I will certainly be booking in for a course of sessions. If you decide to do the same, and book in for a course of 5 weekly reflexology sessions after the Pamper & Reflex, you’ll only pay for 4!

The treatment finishes with the all-important OPI polish. I chose a deep red, and every time I look down it puts a spring in my step!

Book a Pamper & Reflex at Menevia Spa for just £35, complete with a Buy 4 Get the 5th Free offer on future Reflexology sessions.Call Menevia Spa on 01437 454114 or click here to make an appointment!

Disclaimer: I received a free treatment and payment from Menevia Spa for this piece, on the understanding that I would give my honest appraisal of the spa and its treatments.