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Sienna X Spray Tan

My First Sienna X Spray Tan at Menevia Spa

by Twenty Something By The Sea.

I’ve always been a little afraid of spray tans, or any tan-enhancing technology for that matter.

So when I let slip to Lucy at Menevia Spa that I’d never actually set foot in one of those zip up tents, her eyes lit up and I immediately started to get palpitations. Lucy is great at putting clients at ease with her sheer knowledge and enthusiasm, and she was soon telling me all about Sienna X (the spray tan solution of choice at Menevia) and it’s properties.

I began to relax as she explained that this spray tan, as opposed to some cheaper alternatives, is created with natural extracts and ingredients; vitamin A & E, aloe vera, organic avocado and erythulose, which all help to give it a natural looking finish. This aspect was really important to me. I wanted the reaction ‘Oh have you been on holiday?’ not just ‘Oh.’

Sienna X also has anti ageing properties, and is really great for your skin. When I compared a tanning product like that with the dangers of sun exposure, I started to really hope it became a viable alternative for a healthy glow. Lucy’s job done, I booked in for a Monday afternoon. My birthday party was due to be the following Saturday, and with the tan expected to last about a week (if I took care of it properly) I figured it gave me enough time to scrub it off if it wasn’t for me.

sienna x body scrub menevia spa

Sienna X Body Scrub £5.50

Lucy sent me off with a little bottle of Sienna X Body Polish (£5.50 when you book a spray tan) and a booklet with instructions to prepare for my tan. I read this about 6 times to make sure I made no mistakes. The evening before my tan I shaved my legs (something you’re then not allowed to do for 12 hours before the tan), exfoliated with the Body Polish and moisturised like my life depended on it. And my goodness, my skin has never felt so good! Spray tan or no spray tan, that Sienna X Body Polish is a little bottle of magic. I used about half of it on my whole body, and saved the rest for when it was time to de-tan.

The next afternoon, I put all my pride aside and donned a pair of loose black pajamas (a nice pair, but pajamas nonetheless) and made my way to Menevia Spa. Elly-May was observing, and so she and Lucy led the way to the tent and gave me a very fetching pair of disposable knickers and a white robe to put on. At this point I realised that I’d been so focused on the actual tan, that I hadn’t given much thought to the actual process itself. Fair to say, you’ve just got to get over yourself and bare all.

Lucy instructed me as to where to rub in some barrier cream (which smelled amazing and, as with all the products, felt lovely on the skin) on the danger zones such as knees, the backs of the ankles and elbows. These areas absorb a lot of tan if left to their own devices, so the cream helps create an even finish. Then it was on with the shower cap (oh yes, no room for egos in this tent!) and off we went. It was interesting to hear Lucy explaining to Elly-May exactly what she was doing the whole time, and reassuring that there’s such a specific process to the brush strokes and layers. Lucy knew I wanted a relatively light tan, so I had one ‘coat’ on my body, and two on my face, since it fades so much quicker there.

The spray gun doubles up as an air dryer, and so Lucy made sure I was dry to the touch by the time I pulled my pajamas back on and toddled home. The guide colour was really lovely, and put me at ease in terms of what the end result would be. Having been advised to leave it on for 2 hours, I got a little cocky and left it on for an extra half an hour. In for a penny and all that! When I finally showered, I was left with a gorgeous bronzed tone that I thought looked like I’d had a couple of weeks on a Greek Island. The smell was subtle and pleasant, not at all the biscuity scent that can come from some fake tans.

But now came the big test, what I call ‘The Man Test.’ Women, in general, are quite polite when it comes to things like this, as they know what it’s like to be uncertain of a new look. Men (at least the men in my life) don’t have quite the same filter. So, I sought out my brother-in-law and his friend, and tentatively said ‘Notice anything different about me?’ Both immediately complimented me on my hair, which hadn’t changed in weeks, and when I pointed out the tan they said ‘Ah yeah you do look brown, looks nice!’ I was thrilled.

All week I was asked if I’d been on holiday or told I looked really well. When I told people it was a spray tan (which of course I did!) every single person wanted to know where I’d had it done as it looked so natural. This was proof to me that this spray tan is a special one! I looked after it meticulously in terms of moisturising once a day, but I did still swim in the sea and shower normally, and it lasted for 6 days! Perfect timing to be bronzed for my party and then have a Sunday soak in the bath to scrub it off. I have to admit that I was hoping to save some of the Sienna X Body Polish for my next spray tan (yes, there will be a next one!) but my exfoliating scrub just wasn’t cutting it, so I used the second half of the bottle to de-tan.

The moral of this success story is, if you’re considering a spray tan, make sure it’s a Sienna X one at Menevia Spa!

Disclaimer: I received a free treatment and payment from Menevia Spa for this piece, on the understanding that I would give my honest appraisal of the spa and its treatments.

Natural spray tan in st davids pembrokeshire

Natural spray tan using Sienna X at Menevia Spa