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By Twenty Something by the Sea.

Of most 20-something women, I am as close to a waxing newbie as it’s probable to get. As a teenager I experimented with ready-to-use wax strips and let’s just say it was only the once! I’ve also dabbled in threading, but once a woman in a department store has gone to town on your top lip with a string of cotton and made you cry (not just a tear, proper ugly sobbing) you feel the urge to avoid that altogether. I’ve made do with a razor for most of my life, but I’ve always been a little curious. Once again I let slip to Lucy at Menevia about my inexperience, once again her eyes lit up, and, well, here we are.

One of the things that has put me off waxing in the past (other than the pain, of course there’s that) has been the fact that in order to get waxed, you need to have a fair amount of growth. About half a centimetre according to Lucy. At times when I’ve thought about a wax for a summer holiday, this has been a no go, since it’s summer! No amount of eventual smoothness is worth a week or so of hairy legs, or so I thought. 

That’s why this time of year is perfect to start your waxing journey – because I tell you, a journey it very much is! Lucy asked me to experience two waxing sessions to inform this blog, since the first experience is always nerve wracking and in order to start seeing the long term results of sparser, finer hair growth, it’s something that needs to become a habit. Apparently lots of people go for one wax, experience the temporary results for their holiday or event, and then go back to shaving which ultimately results in more hair growth.

Putting my razor to one side for a week or so was surprisingly difficult considering it was autumn. It’s so much a part of my routine that I had to end up hiding it from myself! This time of year I’m mostly in jeans and jumpers, so it wasn’t much of an issue, but by the time I arrived at Menevia for my first session, I was feeling more than ready to get on with it!

The experience itself was actually more painless than expected. Not totally, but Lucy knows what she’s doing. She uses products from Outback Organics, and you are given a sachet of their Bush Balm (stop it…) to go home with as a post wax soothing cream.

The wax itself I found quite interesting, probably because I was trying to distract myself at any given opportunity. The wax used on larger areas like the legs rolls on, and then is waxed off using a strip, whereas the wax for smaller areas is designed to cool and shrink wrap around the hair and be pulled off, so that you’re not experiencing the pain of it coming off your skin as well as pulling the hair out. This is apparently less painful than other methods, and as a newbie I took Lucy’s word for it. The wax and products are all vegan and organic.

As with all of the treatments at Menevia, I was given aftercare instructions. I wasn’t to have a bath for 24 hours and not to apply any deodorant, I was also advised to wear loose fitting clothes. I was then to gently exfoliate regularly and moisturise every other day. Now, I didn’t follow these rules the first time around, and let’s just say I most definitely will next time! I struggled with ingrown hairs on my legs, but some exfoliating with a brush and intensive moisturising helped no end, and I haven’t had a problem since.

I’ve now had my second session, and I am officially a waxing convert! My hair is sparser and finer, meaning that growing it out isn’t as noticeable at all, and the second time around the pain was about 50% of what it was the first time. Perhaps because I wasn’t quite as tense! I’m so glad I started in autumn, since by the time summer comes around I’ll hopefully be in the swing of things and be able to put my razor firmly at the back of the cupboard for emergencies only!

Disclaimer: I received a free treatment and payment from Menevia Spa for this piece, on the understanding that I would give my honest appraisal of the spa and its treatments.