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Class Schedule March 2024

This Month we have Lauren from Tideline and welcome back Tirion Dowsett Movement after her winter travels. Lauren will be offering two classes, Vinyasa Yoga and Strength & Mobility, and the addition on an exciting new Saturday morning social event once a month. Tirion will be offering her barre class one morning a week too. Details available on their websites below.

Want to know more about Lauren and Tidelines values, Visit their website HERE.

Interested to know more about Barre and book a class, Visit Tirions website HERE.

Suitable for all abilities.

Monday @ 6pm- 7pm

Vinyasa Yoga


Tuesday @ 7am-8am



Wednesday @ 6pm-6.45pm

Strength & Mobility


Saturday 23rd @9am-11.30

EVENT- Move, Breathe, Swim


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